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A love of family and chocolate...

We are Nacho Aguirre and Susana Mijares, and this is our family business. We have been married for 25 years and we have 5 beautiful children. Nacho studied computer major and I, Susana, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. Baking has always been our passion, so we decided to open our first store in Torreon, Coahuila Mexico in 2000. We opened our second Delice Bakery in San Antonio Texas, and we have been working together in making delicious cakes, pastries and chocolates ever since. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @susanamijaresa & @nachoaguirrem


Spring Baking Championship 
Season 2


Susana and eight of America's best bakers competed over the course of seven episodes of the Spring  Baking Championship Season 2. Their skills and techniques where tested throughout the season with a series of spring-themed challenges that put to the test the bakers to make everything from Easter confections to Derby desserts and patriotic goodies. Susana mastered several trials and won the naked cake challenge at the end she made it to the final show to become one of two runner up`s.

SBC Nacho1.jpeg

Spring Baking Championship 
Season 4

It was Nacho's turn This season featured the most bakers yet with 10 contestants (including a baker from Canada) competing in an 8-episode baking tournament for a chance at $50,000. Ali Kahn took over the hosting duties after some close calls and winning two challenges that included the spring pattern roll cakes Nacho managed to move to the final show and with a beautiful and delicious geode cake, NACHO WON THE SPRING BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP!.


Halloween Wars
Season 12


Susana´s first team effort, cake decorators, sugar artists and pumpkin carving experts battle it out as they create Halloween-themed edible displays in Halloween Wars.

Susana´s team made it to the final round

in an epic showdown as Host Zak Bagans took them to the haunted catacombs in Paris, the City of Lights, Susana's team culinary expertise gave them the advantage they needed and created a masterpiece that gave them the win and officially made them THE HALLOWEEN WARS CHAMPIONS. 


Candy Land
Season 1

Now its Nachos turn tu be Judge as he  helped guide  Five teams made up of professional cake and sugar artists navigate through the world of Candy Land in its first season.

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